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As a fundamental component of our Service Manager portfolio, our suite of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services allows you to monitor and regulate all aspects of your organization’s corporate mobility carrier plan. Our TEM cost reporting and usage software includes tools for billing and user behaviour analysis and service management

Key Features of our TEM Solution:

Carrier Contract Management System

Provides the means to easily compare and evaluate all contract features and plans currently available to your organization, and then accurately identifies optimal adjustments.

Cost Reporting System

Analyzes your organization’s monthly carrier bill by generating a monthly expense breakdown report, with our mobility analyst making the necessary plan adjustments to ensure costs remain within scope.

Usage Reporting

Provides monthly reports to monitor end-user mobile activity that surpasses pre-set thresholds for talking minutes, texting volumes and data loads in order to correct usage behaviour.

The Benefits:

Our TEM solution helps to meet the challenges of high mobility costs, mismanaged expense allocation and lack of management tools and employee responsibility by:

  • Reducing carrier costs by up to 40%
  • Investigating carrier billing
  • Suspending lines
  • Taking corrective action for high cost and usage incidents
  • Generating expense and hardware allocation reports
  • Improving employee responsibility and accountability with high roaming, texting and data usage reports

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