Service Manager is an integrated platform designed to address all your current and future mobility challenges:

  • Growing support requirements
  • Lack of process and staff to support organizational mobility needs
  • Complex hardware configurations
  • Limited visibility into mobility expenses and employee behaviours
  • Little to no ability to impact cost or address policy
  • Limited tools to manage or reduce the costs associated with using carrier networks

It is a comprehensive solution that combines T1 Help Desk + Procurement + MDM + TEM.

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Day 2 Mobility Service manager graphic

Key Competitive

  • Single Integrated Software Platform
  • 51 Defined Business Processes
  • SLA Dashboards

Fully Managed Through Our Service Manager Support & Governance

Weekly Account Review

  • Review all open tickets
  • Review previous weeks closed tickets
  • Update and action plans on any in-progress account activity

Monthly Account Review

  • Account Management Report review
  • Account process review (Notes)
  • Account policy review (Setup)
  • Approval authority review
  • Accounting (GL, sub-account) review