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Our integrated modular solutions enable us to address all of the corporate challenges surrounding today’s complex mobile environment through our fully managed Service Manager support and governance.

Our Service Level Agreement

  • Live bilingual support teams available between 6:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. ET.
  • 90% of voice mail response in 30 minutes or less
  • 90% of inbound email requests responded to in one (1) business hour or less
  • Procurement requests are submitted for business unit approval within four (4) business hours of receipt
  • Procurement ordering submitted for fulfillment within one (1) business hour following receipt of business unit approval

Cost Reporting System

  • Review all open tickets
    – Individuals outside of your organization’s threshold
    – Areas where help is required
    – Review previous weeks’ closed tickets
    – Examine need for process modifications
    – Update and action plans on any in-progress account activity

Usage Reporting

  • Account Management Report review
    – Contract vs. actual carrier spend
    – Unused lines review (5% of fleet)
    – Contract review
    – Business unit drill down
    – Flagged user drilldown
  • Account process review (Notes)
  • Account policy review (Setup)
  • Approval authority review
  • Accounts (GL, Sub-account) review

The Benefits:

Our system provides an array of cost reporting and usage assessment software that includes tools for billing analysis, service management, and user behaviour transparency, all of which enable the following benefits:

  • Evaluating carrier plans for optimal adjustment
  • Monitoring mobility expenses for cost-cutting opportunities
  • Providing unprecedented oversight of user activity

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