What’s your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

The planning process starts with a free TCO assessment of an organization’s mobile device inventory and associated monthly costs. On average, the monthly cost for corporate mobility is traditionally $29 – $32 CDN per device if you consider technology, labour and other variable costs. This cost breaks down as follow

Technology costs:

Software and integration technology → up to $2 – $5 per device/month

Labour costs:

Labour costs to manage mobility → up to $27 per device/month


  • Accounts Payable – 5 min/month/device
  • Telecom Administration – 10 min/month/device.
  • Help Desk – 6 min/month/device.
  • Business Unit – 5 min/month/device.
  • IT Management – 2.5 min/month/device.

A Free TCO Assessment!

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