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We work with your IT team to document your staging requirements to ensure all devices are ready to use right out of the box, customized with applications and configured to your policies and account setup. Our system is capable of supporting deployments ranging from thousands of devices nationally, to single devices shipped as users require them on an ongoing basis.

Staging Scenarios

We will work with your IT team to document your staging requirements. Common staging scenarios include:

  • OS updates
  • Mobile device registration
  • Account/profile creation
  • Active Sync (email set-up) registration
  • Loading applications, modem drivers
  • Application authentication
  • Inserting SIM card
  • Setting network, VPN configurations, and Wi-Fi

The Benefits

We are happy to do it all for you and let you reap the benefits:

  • Devices are ready to use out of the box
  • Responsibility for complex application and account configurations
  • Assurance to your organization of 100% compliance
  • Time savings associated with chasing users to action application requests
  • Reduction in calls (and costs) to your IT Help Desk associated with application loading, configuration and passwords.

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