Claim Request Form

For users participating in our Break/Fix program, please complete and submit the following form in order for us to process your claim request.

Under “Claim Type”, select “with Device” in situations where you are in possession of the device that requires replacement, or select “without Device” if the device has been lost or stolen.

Claim requests received before 3:00 p.m. ET will be fulfilled by the next business day.

Please return the defective device in the return envelope provided with your new shipment (except for lost/stolen devices). Devices that are not returned within 30 business days will be charged the Lost/Stolen service fee.

  • Where to Find IMEI

    By clicking this box, the end user authorizes Day 2 Mobility to receive your device for the purpose of repair or disposal. All devices submitted in good working condition will have data permanently and securely remove. Note: data wipe may not be possible for some devices that will not start or have severe damage. In some instances, devices will be sent for destruction. No device data will be available to the end user after it has been submitted for claim. As a result, it is the end user’s responsibility to ensure all content is properly backed up including, but not limited to: Mail, Photos, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Notes, Documents, Apps, Purchases (Music, Apps, Books) and home/work network settings.
  • User must have passcodes disabled before submission. Apple iPhone users must have Activation Lock, Find My Phone, passcodes, and Touch ID disabled before submission. For information on how to disable Activation Lock, please visit Apple Support